Let's take a look at the varied world of Covestro

If you’re looking for practical experience while you write your thesis, we have plenty of internship opportunities that offer valuable experience, through exposure to our diverse world at all our main German sites.

Your internship

Our internships offer you the chance to apply your theoretical knowledge in practical work, while learning about our different fields of activity and our future opportunities. We can tailor pre-degree or in-degree internships to suit your knowledge and needs:
  • internship for information purposes
  • specialized internship
  • practical semester
  • gap year internship
  • clerkship for law students

How long your internship will last

Your internship at Covestro should last at least four weeks, although to understand our company thoroughly, we recommend an internship of three to six months. This will give you the chance to take on tasks independently after completing your orientation training. If your internship is part of your degree course, or is a legal clerkship, we’ll make sure the length meets your study requirements.

What you need

You’ll need to be a confident communicator and team player with a curious mind and strong initiative. Good college grades are of course a plus. If you’re applying from outside Germany, you should also have good knowledge of English, while a knowledge of German would be helpful in some areas.

Apply online

You’ll find details of all our available internships in the job search. If you don’t find a suitable internship, just register to create an applicant profile and set up a job alert. We’ll let you know automatically when an internship is available.

Your thesis at Covestro

We’re involved in a variety of ground-breaking projects and we’d love to offer you the chance to write your dissertation or thesis in the areas of science, technology, or business while you work with us. This is how it works:
  • You send us your application, including a suggested topic or focus for your thesis
  • We’ll consider your application and look for a suitable role and mentor for you at Covestro
  • You talk to a lecturer at your college to agree the topic. It should be someone who’s happy to accompany and evaluate your thesis
  • We’ll agree contract details with you, including the length of your role to meet your study regulations.
If you don’t find a suitable thesis role in or job search, just register to create an applicant profile and set up a job alert. We’ll let you know automatically when an internship is available.


We’ll pay you during your internship. What you receive will depend on the type of internship. Theses and specialist interns receive minimum wage (approx. €1,500 per month). For basic internships, you’ll get €130 a month.


To give you the best chance of getting an internship that suits your needs, you should apply online, ideally at least six months before you want to start. You should include these documents with your application:
  • comprehensive cover letter specifying your desired internship period and area of work
  • résumé in table form
  • certificates (final high school certificate, intermediate degree certificate, college grade average)
  • confirmation of enrollment
  • internship guidelines from your college/university