Let's gain practical experience abroad

Spending time in a different country during your degree course is one of the most interesting and valuable experiences you can have. Combined with practical experience, it will also look really good on your résumé. Getting to know our international sites during an internship abroad will boost to your own personal and professional development.

Internships abroad in NAFTA, EMEA und APAC countries

We offer a limited number of internships at several global locations. Take a look at our international careers page and use the job search to discover all our foreign internships in various business areas.

What you need

  • Completed intermediate examination
  • Very good ability to write and speak the local language and business vocabulary must be demonstrated.

How long your internship will last

An internship abroad lasts at least three months.


Your pay will depend on the country you’re based in.


To give you the best chance of getting an internship that suits your needs, you should apply online, ideally at least six months before you want to start. You should include these documents with your application:

  • Cover letter in English, specifying your desired internship period and your areas of interest
  • A résumé in German and the language of the country in question
  • Certified copies of educational and career certificates, as well as your current grades
  • Certificate of enrollment and, where applicable, internship guidelines (such as the specified duration of the internship, content, etc.)
  • Certificate of language skills