Let's accelerate your career

We’re partners with careerloft – a career network that connects students and graduates with prestigious companies.

careerloft aims to make starting your career and selecting the right company as simple and uncomplicated for you as possible. Covestro takes part in regular online and offline events, where students and companies can get together in a relaxed atmosphere to discuss the students’ professional future. You can get to know potential employers in careerloft’s Berlin loft, or at the partner companies’ sites.

These direct contacts, along with a comprehensive mentoring program, make it easy for students and companies to stay in touch. As careerloft partners, we can approach interesting candidates directly and submit our “application” to them.

careerloft also supports ambitious students with benefits, such as book vouchers, online courses, coaching, rental cars for moving house and more. These make day-to-day life for students easier and help them focus on their degree and the start of their careers.

Become a careerloft member and you’ll find insights into partner companies, details of the latest events and job offer, as well as useful articles offering advice on student life and starting your career. These are available at, as well as FacebookYouTubeXING, and other social media channels.

Just take a look at our Covestro careerloft profile. You’ll find a direct Covestro contact who can help you with all queries regarding your degree and starting your career.