At Covestro, we have a successful record of helping people with a disability to take our vocational training courses. We believe diversity is one of our biggest strengths, so it’s important to encourage everyone to make the most of their individual talents. That’s why we’ve created a working environment where you can achieve your best, grow and reach your full potential.

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Sabine Ruch

Inclusion Officer

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Who decides if I'm severely disabled?

People with a degree of disability (GdB) of 50 or more are deemed to be severely disabled.

Who can ask to be given the same rights?

People with a GdB of 30 or 40 may be given the same rights as people with a severe disability by applying to the Federal Employment Agency. The condition for this is that they cannot gain or obtain employment without the application.

How do I apply?

You can apply online directly through this page. We do not have fixed application deadlines. The application process runs the entire year. Nevertheless, we recommend you apply from August or September when our new offers are published. We stop advertising as soon as all the open spots are filled.

After you have successfully applied, we will invite you to an electronic and barrier-free aptitude test. You’ve passed it with flying colors? Then you can look forward to being invited to an interview.

In the case of our combined degree programs, the interview is replaced with an assessment center. We also initially discuss your professional motivation in a telephone interview.

Do I need to mention the severe disability in my application?

No, it is entirely up to you whether you mention the severe disability.

Why is there information on severe disability in the application?

As soon as you indicate in the application that you have a severe disability, our severe disability representative will be automatically brought into the application process. This way, we ensure that our applicants can progress through the entire application process without any barriers and without disadvantages vis-à-vis other applicants. By mentioning a severe disability, you help us, as a company, to adapt to the needs of our applicants.

What is the likelihood of me being given a vocational training spot despite my physical limitations?

Your chances are as good as any other applicant’s. Depending on how your disability manifests itself, we can make a lot available to you – but unfortunately not everything. We will discuss which training courses are accessible to you and which ones are not in an open and fair manner. Up to now, our experiences have been very positive.

Am I at a disadvantage with a disability compared to other trainees during my vocational training?

We want to prevent this from happening! We do our best to integrate people with a disability into our training courses and their future career. It is very important to us that you do not come up against any barriers.

Will I take part in the standard tuition at the vocational college?

You have the choice. Depending on your disability, it is possible to take part in the standard tuition at the vocational college. Alternatively, you can complete the vocational part at a school for visually disabled students (Düren), hearing impaired students (Essen) or physically disabled students (Volmarstein). We are happy to make contact with the appropriate school on your behalf.

Does the training take place in a regular vocational training institution?

Yes! You will work at a barrier-free training institution in the daily working environment of our trainees. We strive to ensure that everyone is included. During the learning process, we opt for a colorful mixture of people with and without a disability. No one is shut out at Covestro.

What other support do severely disabled or people with the same rights receive?

In collaboration with the Federal Employment Agency and our equality representatives, we adjust ourselves according to the needs of our trainees Our goal is no barriers in the workplace. There are other forms of support: from the first contact person to procuring the necessary hardware or software for the workplace, through to the subsequent job placement after you have completed your vocational training course. In principle, the type of support always depends on the disability of the individual applicant.

Are there special contractual provisions?

No! You will receive the same vocational training contract as people without a disability.

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