As one of our technicians, you can look forward to an exciting and challenging role, enabling us to continue innovating. You’ll be part of a team that makes sure all our production operations run smoothly and water, electricals and chemicals all go where they should. When there’s a hitch, you and your team will come into play to get things up and running properly again.

Installing, maintaining and optimizing our modern production facilities takes a wide range of skills. You can choose to train as a mechanic, electronics engineer or mechatronics engineer.

If you have a good technical understanding, enjoy taking responsibility, always question things and are ready to develop yourself further, then one of our vocational training courses is right for you.

Our scientific vocational training combines theory with practice. As well as building your theoretical knowledge and practical skills in a state-run or in-house vocational school and modernly equipped training center, you’ll also gain valuable practical experience in our laboratories production facilities or specialist departments.

During your training, you’ll take two Chamber of Industry and Commerce exams:

  1. The interim exam before the end of your second training year
  2. The final exam at the end of your vocational training course.

If you do particularly well in the theoretical and practical training, you may be able to shorten your course by six months.

Join us and you’ll be offered one of these technical roles:

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