Technical roles

Electronics engineer for automation technology

If you love solving riddles, getting right into the heart of things and finding new ways to solve problems, then a vocational course as an electronics engineer for automation technology is for you.

Our automation systems are vital to how we produce chemical products and you’ll work closely with them, from building them to fixing possible breakdowns. Looking at essential areas such as temperature, pressure, or flow values, you’ll make sure our automated production processes are top-quality, environmentally-friendly and safe. This will involve using testing software and diagnosis systems, optimizing control loops or installing, integrating, and servicing the automation systems.

This means you’ll need strong manual and technical skills, as well as good math, physics and English knowledge and the ability to work independently as a member of a team.

What you need

  • Successful completion of at least 10 years of education
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Good practical skills
  • Strong interest in technology


Vocational course content

  • Assembling, installing and commissioning automation systems
  • Connecting components to complex automation systems
  • Monitoring, maintaining and operating automation systems
  • Analyzing system breakdowns
  • Optimizing control loops
  • Using testing software and diagnosis systems
  • Quality assurance, work safety and environmental protection as integral components of all the vocational training themes
  • Working with English documentation

    The vocational training course lasts 3.5 years

Your career prospects

After you’ve completed your vocational training course, you have a wide variety of further training options:

  • Supervisory specialist
  • Obtain the Meister qualification
  • State-certified technician

Financing your vocational training course

You’ll be a paid employee during your vocational training. If you live more than 100 kilometers away from the training site and have to move closer, we’ll also pay you a rental allowance for a certain period.