With around 16,000 people across the globe, we need a team of highly-skilled organizers to keep everything running smoothly – everything from accountants and administrators to marketers and purchasing professionals. So, you have an opportunity to train in any of these areas.

If you’re well-organized and a good communicator – ideally with a second language – you can look forward to a variety of work and a range of international development opportunities.

Our commercial vocational training combines theory with practice. As well as building your theoretical knowledge and practical skills in a state-run or in-house vocational school, you’ll also gain fascinating business insights in a variety of specialist departments, administration offices or secretariats.

During your training, you’ll take two Chamber of Industry and Commerce exams:

  1. The interim exam before the end of your second training year
  2. The final exam at the end of your vocational training course.

If you do particularly well in the theoretical and practical training, you may be able to shorten your course by six months. Join us and you’ll be offered one of these commercial roles:

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Our vocational training is an excellent launchpad for your professional career.
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