Combined degree

Let's search for new solutions

If you’re constantly on the lookout for new solutions and want to use your chemistry knowledge in a practical way, this program offers you exceptional vocational training alongside high quality academic studies.

We address some of the world’s biggest problems and you’ll apply your scientific knowledge to some of our biggest challenges, supervising chemical production processes and helping us develop new material solutions.

You’ll leave with:

  • A vocational qualification in chemical technology
  • A Bachelor of Chemical Engineering

What you need

With the perseverance and commitment to achieve the goals you set yourself, you’ll have a strong sense of responsibility and the ability to work on your own initiative, or as part of a team. You’ll also need:

  • University entrance qualification from a school or vocational college
  • Excellent understanding of technology and physics
  • Strong interest in science and math
  • Capacity to learn new skills quickly
  • Determination and perseverance
  • Showing initiative
  • Ability to work in a team

Your program

On your vocational program you’ll gain a qualification as a chemical technical assistant. At the same time, you’ll study chemistry at the Hochschule Niederhein University of Applied Sciences in Krefeld.

Part 1: Vocational training course and study program (semesters 1-5)

  • Vocational training: chemical technology
  • ICC final examination during semester 5
  • Basic studies: Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.)

Part 2: Study program (semesters 6-7)

  • Main studies: Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.)

Part 3: Final project (semester 8)

  • During semester 8, you’ll work on your final project and complete the final exams for your Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.) degree.

Your career prospects

This combined degree program is an ideal launchpad for your career, training you as a chemical technical assistant and enabling you to qualify as a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (B. Eng.).

Financing your vocational training course

You’ll be a paid employee during your vocational training and if you live more than 100 kilometers away from the training site and have to move closer, we’ll pay you a rental allowance for a certain period. We’ll also cover the tuition fees for your bachelor studies.