Excited, Curious, Courageous

Excited, Curious, Courageous. My first feelings when I’ve heard about Covestro in Bratislava. The two of them already matching the company values? This cannot be just a coincidence.

Hi, my name is Beata. Believe or not it is only 2 months since I’ve heard about Covestro for the first time and hence now I am here, writing this blog to tell you something about me, my first days with Covestro, my expectations, surprises and a lot more.

It was one of those busy days in the mid of November when I found a missed call from an unknown number on my phone. An email with the subject New Shared Service Center in Bratislava has triggered my attention and has revealed the mystery behind the call. I felt excited and curious about the company which has decided for the Slovak market and courageous about new opportunities.

Covestro opens up doors of opportunities…
Invited for the first interview I googled and searched to learn who Covestro is. Finding the triple C values /curious, courageous, colorful/ gave me the feeling I already belong to this company and I definitely wanted to find out if these values are not just written on a paper. And so I met the SSC Lead. He entered the interview room with a smile on his face and a firm handshake, curious about my experiences, about my motivation and courage. And it is amazing to see how making the first step can open a door you couldn’t have seen before. My first step with Covestro was the interview for the CoE (Center of Expertise) position, which led to a position I might have not come across otherwise. Thanks to a smart decision of a bright man I met my current manager and was hired as a Team Lead for the Internal Accounting team.

Experiencing the Covestro culture “live” at the headquarter in Leverkusen…
2nd of January early in the morning, sitting in a car heading to Vienna Airport my official journey with Covestro has begun. The New Year’s celebrations were forgotten, my head full of thoughts about colleagues in Germany, the upcoming days and challenges. Surprised how great everything has been organized for us starting from accommodation, welcome lunch, meetings with the key stakeholders, onboarding trainings and a lot more. Some of the colleagues even came from a vacation to welcome us on board which was just amazing. You see it, you feel it, you experience it that the employees’ wellbeing is not just empty words in Covestro.

If I was only excited at the beginning, now after the first weeks, I am eager to be and to stay a part of the colorful Covestro, contribute with my experiences, be curious about the common future and courageous to face all the changes towards which me and Covestro will walk in the next years.

I am looking forward to welcome you on board and feel free to reach out to me through the social media on my LinkedIn account in case you would like to know more.